Reboot in Progress


Apologies for the long delay between updates.

We are currently rebooting Necromancer. After finishing the game we were disappointed in the product we had.  It wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t especially good.

After much thought, we have decided to completely change the game. This has involved, frankly, starting a new project from scratch because the required changes are so great.

This sounds drastic, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

One of the major delays in development of Necromancer were assets, the 3D models and 2D artwork, animations, sounds and music.  We are reusing all of these assets so the funding is not wasted and no extra money is required.

Necromancer has always been completely within budget and that hasn’t changed.  Because it is a part-time project, it doesn’t require any extra funding.

The redevelopment has been going on for less than a month at time of writing.  Current work is entirely focused on the menu and network functionality.  When this is complete and operating as expected, the interesting work of implementing game mechanics will be begun.

We have completely redesigned the game mechanics to operate much more similarly to a previous game demo we made called Drones.

This is a double-blind turn-based tactical game, where players set unit orders for their team in the Orders phase and the game executes these in the Action phase.

We found this style of game to be very enjoyable, and are confident it will translate well to Necromancer.  There will also be many other gameplay changes made, which will reveal as they are implemented.

Thanks for your forbearance,

Other Worlds Software

Current Screens:



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