Necromancer Aesthetics: Alpine Levels

We’ve been twerking our way through the aesthetics of the Alpine levels of Necromancer as we work towards a beta-release. Please enjoy these screenshots and videos, and please tell us how much they suck in the comments.

Necro 1 Necro 3 Necro 5 Necro 6 Necro 7 Necro 8


Here’s a video of two separate levels, one demonstrating a burning hut, the other showing a windswept mountain peak level.

Note: I recorded the video in the Unity Editor on full settings, so it’s not as smooth as it otherwise would be. Sorry!


13 thoughts on “Necromancer Aesthetics: Alpine Levels

  1. Cool keep up the work guys, i love seeing more indie projects on Unity!
    Small note, those snow particles whizzing by the cam closely are a bit visually distracting i noticed, maybe a small nudge of blur in the texture itself would help ease that out or u can push them a bit away from the cam. The fire particles could use more particles in them as well.
    As a side note, if the project is still very early in development and with little code done it might be worth to take a look into Unreal Engine 4 not just Unity. Im a longtime Unity fan but lately im finding the visual offering, ease of use and toolset of UE4 versions to be very hard to match by Unity for projects that require good looks and that arent stylized. For instance here if we look at the shadows when u zoom in they are usually blurry on Unity while UE4 on the other hand gives cleaner shadows, performance friendly foliage and easy good GI lighting straight out of the box. Its worth noting them both and decide with which engine each particular game could use best.


      1. That’s super awesome. When seeing your videos on Youtube I knew you were smart and witty but this shows a great deal of talent and a skill I didn’t expect.

        I wish you the greatest success, and have a lot of respect for you. Good going!


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